Bus Accidents From the highway to your neighborhood, buses are everywhere. Between school buses, public transportation, and charter buses, we’re so used to seeing them that they just seem like part of the scenery. But more buses on the road mean more bus accidents, and bus accidents are anything but ordinary. Contact us if…

Catastrophic Injuries Every personal injury case is serious. But sometimes injuries are so traumatic and devastating they’re considered “catastrophic injuries.” These injuries typically have life-changing consequences such as paralysis, brain trauma, disfigurement, neurological damage, or loss of limbs. Closed head injuries, or injuries involving unborn babies, newborns, and small children are typically considered catastrophic. If…

Part 2 in our series about the stages of a civil lawsuit. Call us if you have other questions.

School bus accidents in Missouri have claimed several young lives in recent months Jessica Brinker, 15, was killed and 64 others were injured when two school buses were involved in a chain-reaction accident on I-44 near Gray Summit in Villa Ridge, Missouri, last August. The two buses carried high school band students headed from St….

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