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How Do I Choose an Attorney?

How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Trust your instincts when choosing an attorney. There are times when personal injury cases may take several months or even years, so your comfort level and working relationship with your attorney are critical.

Before you trust the outcome of your case to anyone, consider these factors:

Level of Expertise

Is the law firm focused on the special needs of injury victims and their families? Are they involved in continuous study and research in their areas of practice? Do they maintain a network of other experts to insure the best possible outcome for you?

Response Time

Do you feel that your injury case is being treated as the most important case? Are you getting straight answers to your questions? Is there always a timely response to your call or email?

Dedication to Best Outcome

Do they have a clear understanding of your specific case and ongoing needs? Is there proven experience with both settlements outside of the court room and trial verdicts?

Not every attorney is willing to fight for every client and proceed to trial, and some companies won’t treat an injury victim fairly without the threat of trial.

You deserve a lawyer who treats your injury case with the level of care and competence worthy of your trust. We promise to earn the trust you place in us.

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