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How Do I Prepare?

How Do I Prepare?

Every personal injury case is different and presents unique questions about what type of civil claims exist, when and against whom these claims can be asserted, and what legal defenses exist.

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Who is responsible for repairs after a car crash?

The person at fault in a car crash is ultimately responsible and must pay, though many insurance companies will repair or replace your car before your injury case is resolved. If they refuse and your insurance policy has auto collision coverage, you may choose to make a claim under your own insurance policy instead of waiting for the result of your lawsuit.

However, you will have to pay your deductible cost upfront, and collect that amount from the wrongdoer at the end of your claim. As your attorney, we help you get your medical payment coverage, resolve your auto damage claim, and get a free loaner car.

When someone dies, who has the legal right to pursue a wrongful death claim?

A wrongful death claim belongs to the survivors and only certain people have the right to pursue a claim. Different classes of survivor– spouse, child, parent or more distant relatives have different rights.

Do I collect for the medical bills that my health insurance pays?

Your health insurance is a benefit to you, not someone who injured you. By law, you are allowed to recover the cost of your medical care even if your health insurance has paid for it. Why? Under most insurance plans, you have a limited amount of benefits so you should not be forced to use these limited benefits because of another’s fault. Some health insurance plans may seek reimbursement from you if you win your case. We will help you minimize this amount, if reimbursement is allowed at all.

Do I collect for missed work, even if I am covered by a sick leave plan?

Sick leave, like health insurance, is a benefit to you. If you are forced to use your vacation or sick leave time due to another’s fault, you are allowed to recover these losses. Watch this CNN special report – it’s “No Accident”

Are photos important to my case?

Yes, photos are priceless in a personal injury claim. If you’re involved in a vehicle crash, photos of your smashed car, truck or bike will tell the story of the impact. Photos of the place where you were injured give color to the story of your injury. In the case of a defective product that cannot be preserved, photos may keep your case from being thrown out of court.

What if I am hurt at work?

Work related injuries are typically controlled by Workers Compensation law, and under this law, your case proceeds in front of a judge rather than a jury. You are entitled to medical treatment, a portion of your wages while you are unable to work, and a final amount for the disability from your injury. Disability, under Workers Compensation law does not necessarily mean complete disability.

If you work for the railroad, on a riverboat, or are hurt through the fault of someone other than your employer, including a fellow employee, Workers Compensation law may not be your only remedy. If you are hurt on the job, contact us for a free consultation – there is no fee unless we collect for you.

Will I have to go to trial?

It has been our experience that while most personal injury cases settle out of court, it is necessary that we fully prepare your case for trial. No insurance company will pay the full value of your claim if they think you are not going to win at trial. Too often injury victims don’t hire experienced trial attorneys and learn this lesson too late.

If I can’t come to your office because of injuries, will you travel to meet with me?

Yes! While we often gather your initial information over the phone and through the mail, we will make “house calls” to your home, hospital room or other location in extreme circumstances.

Should I “disturb” my lawyer with calls and letters?

The relationship between you and your lawyer is a confidential and professional one. While many clients are concerned that an email, letter or call to their attorney is unwelcome, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The S.E. Farris Law Firm is committed to providing personal service which requires prompt communication. Should we be in trial or away from the office, our response may be delayed, but we will return your call or email promptly.

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