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Illicit Drugs are Illegal for a Reason

Legalization has been tried in the past--it doesn't work. As portrayed in my memoir, "Hot Shots and Heavy Hits", it is evident that there is a very real, very dark side of drugs. All levels of intoxicants are destructive to society--legalizing drugs will not dissolve that aspect.

Just as a reminder to why we should not be ok with legalizing drugs today, here are some examples of failed legalization attempts from the recent past:


  • 1975: Alaska supreme court ruled the state cannot interfere with an adult's (19 and over) possession of marijuana for personal consumption. Teens became increasing users of marijuana.
  • 1988: A university in Alaska did a study which found that (with this law in place) 12 year-olds in Alaska used marijuana more than the average for their age group.
  • 1992: Alaska voted to re-criminalize possession of marijuana.


  • After 11 states decriminalized marijuana use, use shot up among teens. About 51% of 12th graders reported marijuana use.
  • with tougher laws introduced in 1992 and increased attention to the risk of drug abuse, that same figure reduced to 22%.


  • Other countries such as the Netherlands have tried legalizing the use of cannabis.
  • In particular: The Dutch: 1984-1996. Use dramatically increased through those years. For age groups 18-20, use increased from 15% in 1984 to 44% in 1996.


  • Needle Park experiment: Switzerland tried legalizing all drug use in a specific park which became a mecca for drug addicts throughout Europe. The decline of the surrounding neighborhoods and the increase in crime and violence led authorities to shut it down in 1992.

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Debunking Drug Myths

1. There are no bad outcomes from smoking pot.

  • While no direct deaths or "addiction" it is a gateway drug that has a correlation with crime and addiction to other severely alters your brain in many destructive ways.

2. Drugs aren't addictive if you only try them once.

  • illicit drugs are severely addictive. For example, trying Meth once will increase your pleasure levels so quickly and so extremely that when you come down from it, you can never get a normal feeling of pleasure without it. You are addicted before you even know it has taken hold, usually at the first try. Similarly, cocaine and heroin are deathly substances that are easily addicted--many are addicted on the first try.
  • most people look back at the beginning of addiction as someone offering to let them "try it once". Now look where they are...

3. If drugs are legal, people won't want them.

  • Alcohol. Case in point.

What Legalizing would Ultimately Do

  • MASSIVE addiction --> DO WE FORGET OPIUM IN CHINA!?!?!? How naive can we be?
  • Do we forget that we study history because "history repeats itself"? Legalizing will not solve what we need to solve.

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