Our Client Bill Of Rights

We realize that the decision to hire a personal injury lawyer is not an easy one to make.

We promise to:

  • Answer your phone calls and emails promptly, and without legalese.
  • Help you get a rental car, usually without charge, while yours is in the shop. These services are at no charge to you!
  • Get your medical payments coverage and resolve your auto damage claim quickly if you’re in a car wreck.
  • Advise you of settlement offers and recommend the best options.
  • Treat your case as our top priority. It is.
  • Keep you updated on the continued progress of your case.
  • Thoroughly research your questions and advise you.
  • Counsel you every step of the process, and if we go to trial, we guarantee you will be prepared.
  • Settle your case when you are ready – never before.




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