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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that about 4 million people are injured at work annually in the United States. On average, 200 workers end up hospitalized because of work related injuries every day. Many more people experience injuries that do not require hospitalization.

Due to the significant number of people who are injured at work each year, people must have a general understanding of the basics of worker’s compensation personal injury law. Although worker’s compensation laws and associated regulations are developed by individual states, the fact is that the general parameters and principals of these legal schemes are similar across the United States.

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Work related injuries may be due to an explosion, collapse, fire, equipment failure or similar hazardous event at a construction site, mining area, industrial plant, manufacturing facility or other work site location.
Under Workers’ Compensation law, the injured are entitled to:


  • Mdical bills paid
  • Receive wages lost during off work time due to the injury
  • Collect a disability payment, after paid medical bills

Reporting Work Injuries in Missouri

A key to successfully pursuing a worker’s compensation claim is ensuring that the employer appropriately is notified of an injury in a timely manner. The laws in all states established essentially two different notification timeframes when it comes to a work place injury.

First, immediately after a workplace injury, the injured party needs to informally notify a person upwards in the supervisory chain. The prompt, informal notification serves a number of purposes, including providing basic and essentially notification of the incident. Moreover, the quick notification typically is helpful in ensuring that a worker receives the most appropriate type of immediate medical assistance and treatment.

The second level of reporting is filing a written claim, a formal notification of a workplace injury. Usually, an employer maintains a standard form that is designed to conform with the requirements and mandates of a particular state’s worker’s compensation statutes and regulations.





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If an employer does not have an appropriate standard form, the employee must prepare a written statement notifying the employer of the worker’s injury. The statement needs to include a general description of the injury, how it occurred and the time of the incident that gave rise to that injury.

An injured worker must keep in mind that state laws establish very specific time frames and deadlines in which this formal notification must be filed with an employer. The failure to file this in a timely manner can lead to a worker being forever precluded from obtaining appropriate compensation for a workplace related injury.

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Compensation for Work Related Injuries

An injured worker is entitled to a variety of different types of compensation. These include compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. A person is entitled to this compensation for current as well as future losses within these categories.

If a person is disabled permanently as the result of a workplace injury, he or she is entitled to compensation for that as well. States utilize guidelines to determine the amount of compensation to which a worker is entitled for a particular type of injury.

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The laws of all states permit a person to obtain legal representation to pursue a worker’s compensation claim. The S.E. Farris Law Firm takes cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless a person is successful in pursuing a claim.
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