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Your Rights at Work

Under Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law

Your Rights at Work Under Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law

What is workers’ compensation law?
Workers’ comp controls the rights and obligations of employees and employers when employees are injured at work.

Who is covered by workers’ comp?
All employees who work for an employer with at least five employees and all employees in the construction industry.

What should I do if I’m injured at work?
Missouri law requires employees to promptly notify their employer of any injury or accident that occurred on the job. Your employer should tell you what doctor to see, since under Missouri law, your employer must pay for your medical treatment and therefore has the right to choose the doctor in workers’ comp cases.

Will I get compensated for my medical bills?
Missouri workers’ compensation law requires your employer or its insurer to pay for your medical treatment. In addition, you are entitled to a portion of your wages for the time you are off work due to treatment and rehabilitation.

Does workers’ comp cover the time missed from work?
If you are unable to work due to medical treatment or recovery, you are entitled to temporary total disability benefits. This doesn’t cover the first three days missed until you are out for more than two weeks. The amount paid generally equals two-thirds of your normal pay.

Are occupational diseases covered?
In Missouri, occupational diseases that are directly caused by your employment are covered under workers’ comp laws.

What if I’m unable to return to work because of my injury?
If you were permanently and totally disabled and unable to return to your job or any other job because of your disability, you may qualify for permanent total disability benefits.  You may also qualify for Social Security disability benefits. It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney to maximize your recovery and make sure you get all the benefits available to you.

Should I contact a lawyer if I’m injured at work?
At the S.E. Farris Law Firm, you don’t pay anything unless we collect money for you. In some cases, you don’t need a lawyer and if not, we will tell you, free of charge! Call us today at (314) 252-9937 or visit us at for a free strategy session where we’ll discuss your case and whether or not you need legal representation.

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