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Verdicts and Settlements

Case Verdicts and Settlements

The S.E. Farris Law Firm has obtained significant results in a variety of practice areas by verdict or settlement, including these cases:

$2.5 Million Verdict: Medical Malpractice – Heart Attack
A man presented with ongoing pain above the navel and his doctor did not rule out cardiac disease. The next day, the patient went into cardiac arrest and suffered massive heart and brain damage. Read Thompson v. Dr. Anthony Mattaline.

$1.2 Million Verdict: Wrongful Death – Perforated Ulcer
Two doctors failed to detect a woman’s ulcer that was visible on a CT scan. The next day, in even greater pain, she went to the hospital ER where the ulcer was discovered and she underwent emergency surgery but died within 24 hours. Read The Estate of Ruthie Lacey v. James D. Merritt, M.D. and W.J. Stoecker, M.D.

Confidential Settlement: Trucking Accident – Tractor-Trailer
A woman was injured when a tractor-trailer loaded with 25 tons of rock overturned. She was a passenger in the vehicle and the driver, an employee of James Trucking Company, had a criminal record and failed a drug test following the truck accident. Read Kemry v. James Trucking Co.

$575,000 Verdict and Settlement: Negligent Hiring – Sexual Misconduct
A teenage girl was touched and kissed by a school bus driver who had prior arrests for sexual misconduct that was not disclosed to School Services. The case for assaulting and restraining the female student resulted in the bus driver’s termination from the company, a $75,000 settlement with the company and $500,000 verdict against the bus driver. Read McFarland v. School Services and Leasing.

$425,000 Recovery: Workers’ Comp – Rear End Crash
A shuttle bus driver was stopped at a traffic signal when a car moving at an estimated 20 to 30 mph hit the vehicle from behind. The driver suffered a burst fracture at the L1 area of his spine resulting in surgery following the collision. His employer denied the crash and subsequent injury were work-related. Read Vernon Jones’ Story.

$120,000 Verdict: Premises Liability – Fall Accident
A 45-year-old woman sued for injuries after tripping on an upraised portion of sidewalk in St. Louis. The accident happened on a clear, dry day on a sidewalk that was raised more than one inch at the point where she fell. The verdict for $120,000 was one of the largest against the City of St. Louis at the time.

$48,000 Verdict: Premises Liability – Dangerous Property
A 13-year-old sued the St. Louis Cardinals for premises liability after he broke his arm in a contest at Busch Stadium. The team had set up a game requiring contestants to sprint 60 feet between a simulated home plate and first base. The teen, who had played the game more than 15 times previously, struck the wall and broke both bones in his forearm. Read Rabinowitz v. St. Louis Cardinals.

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