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What Happens in Court?

What Happens in Court?

Once a lawsuit is filed for your personal injury case, you are the “plaintiff” and the person or company who hurt you is the “defendant.”

The attorneys on both sides then conduct what is known as “discovery,” a process that involves more formal investigation of the case. Questions are answered in writing and with live or deposition testimony. Documents are exchanged, experts testify, and all of the evidence needed for trial is put into an official form.

Trial Preparation

At the The S.E. Farris Law Firm, we prepare every case as if it will be tried in the court system. This approach tells the defendant or insurance company that they will either take responsibility for the injury or a judge and jury will place responsibility on them.

Your case will only receive just treatment from the defendant when it is clear that you will go to trial if necessary rather than be treated unfairly.

As odd as it sounds, the best way to get a fair settlement for your case is to hire a trial attorney who can and will take the case to a jury.

Think of us as “no trial-settlement insurance” – to get a fair settlement and not need a lawyer is to have a good trial lawyer.

Loss Recovery

You are entitled to recover economic and non-economic losses in a personal injury lawsuit. This may include medical expenses, lost wages and property damage, pain, inconvenience, and lost enjoyment of life.

In Workers Compensation matters, you are entitled to a portion of lost wages while you are unable to work, medical expenses and an amount to compensate for the disability that remains when medical treatment ends.

To recover all of your losses, it is necessary to have proof of the lost wages, the amount of medical expenses, and the extent of your disability. Keeping detailed records and receipts is imperative to recouping loss as an injury victim.

Settlements and Verdicts

Ultimately, the jury determines the amount of a claim that proceeds to trial. Before making a settlement or trying a case, your lawyer must evaluate the possible outcomes of a jury trial and the range of possible verdicts.

This involves many factors, including:

  • Who are the people or companies in the case?
  • Is the injured person at fault to any extent?
  • What court will hear the case, and what have juries in that area done on similar matters?
  • What are the injuries and what permanent disability is the injury victim forced to suffer?
  • Did the defendant act in a manner that makes the average person angry?
  • How strong is the evidence of damages and wrong-doing?

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