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How Will You Represent Me?

How Will The S.E. Farris Law Firm Represent Me?

We will begin to gather information to evaluate your case and advise you at our first meeting. We’ll help you to prepare in advance so you have insurance booklets, photos, medical bills, and any other relevant documents with you. All of the information that you share with us is protected by attorney-client privilege, and is confidential.

If we determine that your personal injury matter can be managed without hiring an attorney, we will tell you and ensure that you understand your next step.

Your Personal Injury Claim

If we both agree to proceed, we will begin to investigate your claim following the initial meeting. This may entail locating and identifying witnesses as well as gathering evidence. We will collect medical records based on the hospitals and doctors where you received treatment. If you were harmed by a defective product, that item is preserved and will be examined by experts.

Following a full investigation of your claim and the extent of your personal injury, we will appraise and inform you of the claim’s value. If possible, we will offer you the option to settle your case before filing a lawsuit.

Case Settlement or Trial Proceedings

No one can settle or go to court on your case without your permission. While we will advise you throughout the process, the decision to settle or not is ultimately yours.

In some cases, settlement negotiations may be unsuccessful unless the insurance company is aware that the injury victim is willing and able to pursue justice through the court system. If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, a lawsuit is the last alternative.

Most cases will settle after a lawsuit is filed, especially when the case is handled by a skilled and experienced trial lawyer. For those that do not settle, a trial is the next step.

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