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A Perfect Topic and the Story Behind the Story

Civil laws and criminal laws are not the same thing. The laws and proceedings surrounding these two basic areas have different sets of jurisprudence within the courts or legality of the documents. These differences include the language, proceedings, documentation, time limits, burden of proof, just to name a few. A civil action is in general an individual against another individual, or corporation, or group of people. Neither party committed a crime but have in some way believe to have been wronged by the other party. A criminal action is a person or persons accused of breaking a law or laws, so the opposing party is the state or nation.

Because of the uniqueness of these two areas of law, the following information about types of attorneys is separated into those that specialize in civil law first followed by those that specialize in criminal law.

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Attorney Types Civil Law

A Divorce Lawyer will have knowledge about all areas pertaining to divorce, annulment, or dissolution of a marriage. This marriage can be a legal marriage or in some states a common law marriage. They will have knowledge about marital assets and liabilities, family laws relating to children or dependents, alimony and child support.

Family Law Attorneys may be sought out for issues relating to establishing paternity, adoption, foster care, and senior care. They will also assist you in the creation of a will or trust.

Tax Lawyers may be hired on a consultative need or for litigation. A specialist in this area may be knowledgeable about federal and state taxation, or they may focus on estate and gift taxation laws on the personal side. They may also specialize in international tax laws and tax requirements relevant to import and export businesses.

Civil Rights Lawyers are well versed in the constitution and your rights that the constitution guarantees. These rights extend beyond the streets and into the institutions and organizations where we interact daily.

Real Estate Attorneys provide professional assistance in the areas of buying, selling, transferring, or gifting property. They'll know about title law, limitations, obligations, and responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer, and the obligations and requirements of the real estate agent and appropriate language in the purchase agreements and contracts. Quick claim deeds, entitlements to land or buildings, or leasing are also areas where a Real Estate Attorney may be required.

Bankruptcy Attorneys will provide the legal support needed during your financial crisis. They will know which type of bankruptcy would best dissolve your financial obligations or a restructuring of those obligations. Again, this financial crisis may be personal or corporate. You'll want to find one specific for your need.

Social Security or Disability Benefits Attorneys will provide the legal advise needed to secure benefits, provide referrals for medical evaluations, or to have past claims re-evaluated.

Personal Injury Attorneys have knowledge about laws relating to an injury, whether it be physical or physiological, as a result of the intent or negligence of others, and the liability relating to the injury.

Malpractice Attorneys can be divided into at least two categories: medical malpractice and professional malpractice. Medical malpractice is almost self-explanatory and does not necessarily come up only in the cases of wrongful death or dismemberment. If a procedure, or lack there of, is the cause of some sort of physical or physiological change or causation that could have been avoided by incompetence, negligence, or intent, then you may have a medical malpractice lawsuit. Professional malpractice may be related to all other professions where ethical and lawful practices are not followed. Again, whether it be through negligence, intent, or incompetence, the advise from a lawyer will help you sort this out.

Though there are many more specialties in civil law, the brief description of each of the above covers many of the types of advice needed that you may be seeking at sometime in your life. The types of criminal law attorneys is just as diverse as the civil attorneys. A couple of the most common specialists are described below.

Attorney Types Criminal Law

DUI or DWI A ttorney will assist you in cases where a charge has been made for drinking and driving. These attorneys will know about the requirements of police protocol, admittance of guilt or lack of evidence. They will make recommendations for your best defense depending on the level of evidence, prior incidences, and conditions under which the DUI was rendered.

Criminal Defense Attorneys are for crimes committed by either individuals or corporations. This category is very diverse so the type of crime that was committed should be considered when seeking a defense attorney. A defense against an embezzlement charge and petty theft charge are as different from each other as a murder charge is different than a charge of manslaughter.

Victim's Rights Attorneys will assist you with compensation and recuperation of loss of property if you we're a victim of a crime. They will have in depth knowledge of time constraints of claims, amount of compensation that may be awarded for both personal loss and physiological injury, depending on the type of crime.

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