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Yes! For Dixon

Dixon needs the benefit of a professionally trained, full time manager with the skills and abilities to handle the complexities of modern municipal government. The commission form of government has placed crucial administrative positions in the hands of part time, untrained citizens. Our commissioners have always been well intentioned and dedicated public servants, and we honor their community service. But the 21st century requirements of municipal finance, personnel management and technical skills call for professional, full time and trained management.

Dixon needs the next generation of citizens involved in preparing the city for their future and the generations to come. The current commission system requires that the commissioners either be retired or have a job with a great deal of flexibility so that they can spend the necessary time during the day managing their departments. A council/manager form of government would make it possible for a larger pool of Dixon's citizens to participate.

What Changes For the Council and Mayor?

If this current referendum passes, the council would continue to consist of a mayor and four (4) council members elected at large in the spring of 2015. The council members would no longer have day to day administrative authority over one specific department. The council and mayor would serve as legislative oversight for city government, focusing on policies and budgets. Moving forward the council members and mayor would have staggered terms. Currently the commissioners do not have staggered terms.

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