Killing Jfks Vision Of Nasa And American Technological And Military Superiority
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Killing JFK's Vision of NASA And American Technological And Military Superiority

And numerous safety contributions. I've listed just a few things here, but if you visit this site, you will see a longer list that is a snap shot of the more than 6,300 patents NASA has been awarded. To gut this agency would be a horrible mistake. I know, the free marketers that are reading this will say that private business should be in charge of doing space travel, etc. First, I would say that nothing is really stopping private enterprise from doing space travel right now other than cost. Second, I think out of all the bloated agencies that the federal government has, NASA is actually one that works. Can they do a better job curtailing costs? Yes, and I believe they have done that. This was evidenced by the Spirit and Opportunity missions when they lowered the costs and still completed the missions.

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I'd like to remind people what could happen when DC goes around cutting programs willy nilly. Today, Russia released photos of their new stealth fighter - and we killed the F-22 (putting American workers out of jobs too). The powers that be said we didn't need it. The F-22 was a plane for a different time and a different battlefield. All I have to say to that is, how soon until these new Russian stealths show up in N. Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba or China? Then what? So we lessen our military prowess and our scientific edge all in one year. Congratulations President Obama, coupled with your economic plans, NASA and military cuts, you'll make us a 3rd World nation yet!!

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