Not So Sloppy Seconds Clintons Heading For The Oval Office
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Not-So-Sloppy Seconds: Clinton's Heading for the Oval Office*

Three logicians walk into a bar. The bartender greets them and asks, "Do you all want beer?" The first logician responds, "I don't know." The second says, "I don't know." The third says, "Yes, we'll each have a beer. Thanks!"

The bartender asks the logicians if they all want beer. The first logician doesn't know if the other two want beer; he only knows that he wants beer. If he didn't want beer, he would know that not all of them want beer and could answer the question, "No." Because he does want beer, he responds, "I don't know" and waits for the other two. The second guy is in the same situation. He wants beer, but doesn't know if the third guy does. The last guy, who has seen his companions reveal that they want beer, and knows that he also wants beer, can finally confirm that they all want beer.

Hold on to that logic, and we'll turn to the 2016 presidential elections.

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Now, the revelation that Hillary's gunning for the Oval Office isn't as earth-shattering as I'm making it out to be, but the reasons are better than you're thinking. Most people think she might run because she has a chance, and she seems like she would want to be the first female president. Well, those are decent reasonsif I had both in my favor I'd probably take a crack at it. But, Elizabeth Warren has also grabbed the spotlight for liberal, female-president enthusiasts. She's a bit of a rookie, but she's got the same two reasons supporting rumors of her candidacy.

Reasons suggesting someone might do something aren't worth much. What we care about is action. So how can I claim to know that Hillary Clintonmight be is running in 2016? Because of the actions she hasn't taken.

Clinton obviously cares about the Democrats. It's safe to assume that if she weren't going to run, she would prefer to have another democrat in the oval office. Presidential races take an enormous amount of planning. They take money. Not just when the ball gets rolling, but to actually get the ball rolling. Any candidate who intends to run has to schmooze years in advancethat's why they announce it so irritatingly early.

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