Protest And Vigil Saturday In Gresham
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Protest and vigil Saturday in GRESHAM

Danielle Willard's death by police was protested and the 21-year-old woman remembered in West Valley City this month.Another event to protest police violence and remember Danielle Willard will be held in Gresham, Oregon, tomorrow, December 29.

To remember and fight for justice for our beloved DD (Danielle Misha Willard)
please join us in protest this Saturday!
Gather on POWELL AND ROBERTS, in Gresham, Oregon

Protest rallies have the power to circle important allies and communicate a message to a wider audience. The event in West Valley certainly did both.

First, survivors of other police shootings came to support Danielle's friends and family. Family members of Wade Pennington attended the event. Wade Pennington, 41,was killed suspiciously by West Jordan, Utah, police officers in 2009. Family members of Matthew David Stewart also attended the rally. Matthew Stewart was nearly killed in a home-invasion style raid conducted on his home in Ogden, Utah, in January and has been imprisoned ever since. Family members of Corey Kanoshcould not attend the event but sent warm wishes. Corey Kanoshwas killed by Millard County Sheriff's Deputy Dale Josse October 15, 2012, in the foothills just southeast of the Kanosh Band Reservation Community in Kanosh, Utah. Others brought different but similar stories of being victimized by police misconduct or error. Many of these families had not previously met, so important connections we're forged.

They all came to the rally and joined in solidarity with the Willards' demands for justice, justice for Daniellebut also justice for their loved ones and all victims of police violence.

Second, our message was heard loudly and clearly by the news media. From ABC4:

"I would like to see the police officer who shot Danielle be put on trial and be stripped of his job, said [Summer] Smith. He should be put on trial for murder."

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