Normally It Is Considered A Crime For Anyone But You To Read Your Email
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Normally it is considered a crime for anyone but you to read your email

Normally it is considered a crime for anyone but you to read your e-mail. However, if the government wanted to, they just need a subpoena and not a warrant. Is your personal e-mail really private?. As for your employer is getting more complicated.

Unread e-mails are normally protected by federal law, but the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) authorizes the government to get the e-mail with a court order, search warrant or subpoena. Probable cause of the error may not be necessary, depending on how long the message memory. But what if they can not make it, but your boss might like to try again? If you are trying to protect some information may not be as safe as you thought. Messages to and from your e-mail address employees are likely to be the property of the employer means that you do not have the right to privacy. But if you check your personal e-mail such as Google or Yahoo on a computer at work, you can expose this information as well.

After 180 days, you are not protected under the ECPA. This means that all conditions to force a government agency to get the e-mail providers such as Google and Yahoo, to a copy of the summons. Other countries may even lack the basic protection of privacy and because the Google database world, you can be in even greater danger for others to read your mail.

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Workers in the public sector some protection, while employees in the private sector have some. This is a gray area in the law. If you have any concerns about information as seen in the outside world and with other people, err on the side of caution and do not use personal email at work. If you are on the job, you run the risk of ending in the hands of the employer.

If you are at-will employees and are not tied to a contract, your employer does not need a reason to fire you. So if your boss happens something that is not desirable in your workplace, you might see curtains. If you are a private employee, you are also likely to get fired. Be sure to check your company handbook, go over the rules. Many employers have a policy that all messages composed, sent or received is stored on the computers of the company belong to the company.

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