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Grumpy and Pumpkins

Tis The Season…For a Middleaged Lawyer Rant Gentle Reader, I don’t kid myself that many of you mark your calendars to read my musings. For those that do who are looking for a good month to skip me, this may be it. I am grumpy. Grumpier than my usual grumpy. Grumpier than fabled dwarf Grumpy’s...
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Buyers Beware: Fake Reviews Lead to Real Disappointment

Sharing opinions, thoughts, pictures, ideas, and reviews are almost second nature thanks to the advancements in technology and social media. Advertisements are becoming less effective because Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other rating services have become our trusted source for how reliable a business is, just as Amazon reviews are our trusted source for products. Are...
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No News is the Most Bestest

A couple months ago, my lovely wife said we needed to take a vacation- we hadn’t had a week off together since our wedding and ensuing honeymoon, or as she calls it, when I hijacked her last vacation for the ambush marriage ceremony. I asked her why I would want to take a vacation when...
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The Hidden Dangers of Chameleon Carriers

On average the typical commercial truck weighs 100,000 pounds, and this makes the damages from a truck accident disastrous. Chameleon carriers or reincarnated carriers are companies that find loopholes to get around safety regulations which can amplify the chance of an accident happening. The government enforces regulations and safety laws to protect both the truck...
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The Heat is Getting to Me

We are deep in the summer doldrums. It is hot here, and by here, I mean Planet Earth. It would be unfair to blame Al Gore, but he is the easy foil. When someone asks how I am doing, I usually answer that I am happy to be working indoors. I said that to an...
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Getting the Most out of Free Legal Consultations

Most lawyers that represent injury victims only charge a fee if they collect money for you. They all offer a free initial consultation, but until there is a settlement or judgment, ALL discussions with your lawyer are free. Think of free consultations as an opportunity to research the lawyer, his or her knowledge and whether...
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This Trip Around the Sun Ended Weird

My birthday falls on the same day every year. Our state’s trial lawyers’ convention usually encompasses my birthday and I get to celebrate with many of my dearest friends without the hassle of party clean up. For most of the last 27 years of my life, that is how my birthday has gone with me...
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