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Premises Liability simply means that you were hurt on someone else’s property. The reason you were on the property is an important first question.

premises-injury-lawyerGenerally, premises owners are liable if they:


  • cause the unsafe condition, and the subsequent slip or trip and fall injury,
  • knew about the condition but didn’t correct it, warn of it or barricade it,
  • should have known about the danger because a “reasonable person” would have found the problem and taken steps to prevent injuries caused by the condition.

Examples of liability hazards or dangerous conditions are:

  • wet floors (spills, leaking appliances, recently mopped areas),
  • uneven surfaces (lifted sidewalks or bricks, unexpected rises or drops),
  • broken stairs, railings or doors,
  • poorly designed or improperly installed ramps,
  • poor or no lighting or security cameras,
  • an unleashed or uncontrolled dog or other animal that bites or attacks

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Premises liability actions have traditionally involved “slip and fall” causes of action but may include, among other things, construction accidents, dog bite cases, and injuries caused by persons on the premises.

The slang for most Premises Liability injuries is “slip and fall” cases but this is misleading. The S.E. Farris Law Firm has successfully represented wheelchair victims who were injured on dangerous properties. In fact, many of the cases we have tried over the years were for victims who were harmed by an unsafe or hazardous property condition.

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$48,000 Verdict: Premises Liability – Dangerous Property
A 13-year-old sued the St. Louis Cardinals for premises liability after he broke his arm in a contest at Busch Stadium. The team had set up a game requiring contestants to sprint 60 feet between a simulated home plate and first base. The teen, who had played the game more than 15 times previously, struck the wall and broke both bones in his forearm. Read Rabinowitz v. St. Louis Cardinals.

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