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I thank you for all that has been done with my current case filed there. These are unusual times and circumstances that we are facing. YOUR preparedness to fight the by preventing measure lets me know personally that you’ll all safe from the spread of viral harm!
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On August 28th 2010, I had a horrible motorcycle accident. I was flown to St. Louis by helicopter. I nearly lost my leg and had other fractures that laid me up for 10 months.. I am a Paramedic by trade and Spencer was recommended by a fellow paramedic.
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Spencer, Stephanie, and the S.E. Farris Team: Thank you tremendously for all of your assistance in my case! I cannot express my gratitude enough for the time and effort that you’ve put into this lengthy and often times frustrating Gase! Particularly when other firms chose to only look at the surface of the case and deemed it unworthy of anything more than a token glance/effort.

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It is truly an honor to write this review. My 16 year old son was a passenger in an accident resulting in broken bones, multiple surgeries and countless therapy sessions. As a single mother, my first and only concern was to care for my son. However, business still needed to be tended to. It was the SE Farris Law Firm I chose to represent my son & it was the best decision I could have made.

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Mr. Farris and his staff were completely amazing!! I worked closely with Laura and she was always on top of things which was helpful and being knowledgeable about a lot of things all the way to the end. I would recommend the staff and Mr. Farris for any case seeking justice because they really do care about their clients and I know for every human we seek that on an everyday bases. Its very refreshing!


I was injured at work and my employer kept dragging their feet. They didn’t want to help me get the treatment that I needed and finally I had enough. That’s when I found the Ferris Law Firm. With in days of getting them involved in my injury case the dice started rolling. Spencer Ferris and his associate got me the treatment and respect that I deserved.


i was well satisfied with my experience mister farris and his associates they kept me informed as the case went on of were i stood and best options i should take but the final decision was mine in the end .i thank for all their help i would recommend them to anyone.My new BMW(7 days)was in a rear end collision on highway 270. I called Spencer and along with his staff they took care of everything. My only job was to heal physically and emotionally. What a relief! The case did not settle for three years,but I was at peace because Spencer and his staff kept me informed plus,he negotiated for a higher settlement. I was in excellent hands.i was well satisfied with my experience mister farris and his associates they kept me informed as the case went on of were i stood and best options i should take but the final decision was mine in the end .i thank for all their help i would recommend them to anyone.


I’m a fellow personal injury attorney and I have knowledge of Spencer’s experience and results. The S.E. Farris Law Firm’s results speak for themselves. But more importantly, Spencer cares about his clients. He treats his clients and their families with care and respect. If you are looking for an attorney who will listen to you, knows the law and the legal system, I would recommend Spencer Farris.


I cannot say enough about the quality of service and care I received from Spencer Farris and his team. Collectively having many years of experience in personal injury law, their attentiveness to my case and my concerns was refreshing and quite honestly, surprising.
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I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated the way you handled my case. The settlement was above and beyond what I expected. You and your associates handled the matter in a professional, courteous, and timely manner.
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I have worked with many lawyers professionally and personal, but I’ve never worked with a lawyer as detailed and compassionate as Spencer. He makes time to speak with you and he’s not a lawyer that will rush you away. He explains things thoroughly. If you are seeking a thorough attorney, I suggest you work with Spencer and his staff, they are there for you.


Spencer Farris and his law firm have now handled 2 separate car accident cases for me. He and Laura Livingston kept in contact with me informing me of the status of my case. Both cases I received a substantial amount of money, more than what was expected. I highly recommend his services from him and his team.


Spencer Farris and his assistant Stephanie recently handled a slip and fall case for me. Stephanie was always available when I called and I felt that she was genuinely concerned about my recovery.
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Spencer and his staff (mostly Amy B) oversaw my accident related neck injury case in 2011-2012. They were very professional and sensitive to my needs.
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Spencer did everything he said he would in a short period of time. We feel he was fair. He kept us informed every step of the way with our problem. We will use him again if the time would come we needed him.


You certainly have made my Aunt Margaret a very happy person. She is pleased with the settlement and is so glad she doesn’t have to appear in court, something she viewed as an ordeal. My thanks to you for all of the assistance and support you offered my aunt during the period of time you handled her case. I am very appreciative.

Rick & Lauri

Thank you for all of your help during my husband’s workman’s comp case. I hope we never have to experience this type of situation in our lifetime again, but if we do you’ll be the lawyer of our choice. Thanks again!


After my auto injury I was not only hurt, but terribly scared. I didn’t know what to do. Spencer prepared me for what was ahead and how he would handle my case. I felt better having an idea of what to expect. His experience paid off for me and I now keep his number in my cell phone, in case of emergency.


I was missing work after being injured in an auto accident. I had heard the stories of insurance companies’ teams of attorneys fighting for them and I knew I needed an experienced attorney fighting for me. I picked Spencer Farris because of his experience. I’m thankful it’s all over now and that I picked the right lawyer.


As soon as I injured my back at work, I called Spence. He had been such a great friend to us after my husband Mike was injured that he was the only attorney I trusted. I didn’t know what to do because I was scared I would miss too much work. He’d given Mike his cell number, so it was easy to reach him. He calmed my fears by letting me know what to expect. He got me the care I needed and settled my case as fast as possible.


After I was hit by a truck, I hired a lawyer to handle my case, but I never knew what was going on. I was unhappy at how things were going. I knew of discount lawyers through my union, but one of buddies referred me to his attorney at The Farris Law Firm. I was so pleased with how my case went that when my wife was injured at work we knew who would give us the attention and help we needed.


Now that it is finally over, I want to thank you for working on my case. It was nice knowing someone was on my side. Justice was done but it will never bring back my husband. I miss him everyday of my life.


This is the best Law Firm I have ever dealt with. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do but Spencer and his team lead me in the right direction. I called several Attorneys and none of them wanted to take my case cause it was bit of a challenge but when I spoke to Spencer, he said “He would take my case and explained everything involved and reassured me that everything would turn out in my favor.
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Dealing with Spencer and his legal assistant Stephanie was great. They were both very helpful and were always there to answer my questions as I have never sued anyone before so I did not understand much of what was going on.
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During the first phone conversation I had with Spencer I knew right away that I could trust him. For me this was incredibly important because it was his honesty that won me over and safely allowed me to accept him as my representative partner.
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Very trustworthy and reliable. He went beyond his role to get me a decent settlement, even negotiating with my insurance company to lower their bill so that I got more for my injury. I would use time and time again and always recommend him. And we found out we are from the same state and share a lot of the same values and root for the same football team. GO OSU!!!


Spencer Farris Law Firm was amazing! The staff was very professional, competent, and prompt to return my call and answer my questions. Spencer took a hands-on approach to my case and worked for the best possible resolution. I highly recommend the Spencer Farris Law Firm for any vehicle accident case.


I am a very controlling and impatient person. I was on the phone with Spencer Farris constantly wanting to know what was going on with my case. He was always very professional, helpful, and even funny! He always explained everything in words I could understand and I appreciate that.
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i was well satisfied with my experience mister farris and his associates they kept me informed as the case went on of were i stood and best options i should take but the final decision was mine in the end .i thank for all their help i would recommend them to anyone.


Spencer and his assistant Laura worked hard for me. Whenever I had any questions they were always available to talk to me. They made me feel important. Spencer is trustworthy and devotes all of his attention to getting the best results for his clients. I would recommend Spencer to everyone


I really appreciate there services. My first time ever having a lawyer and they made it a great experience . If I needed another lawyer I would most definitely come back to them. If you need lawyer that’s going to keep you involved and need help you should really Consider Farris.


I really had a pleasant experience with S. E. Law Firm. I was treated with respect and understanding. I had been turned down by a few law firms. I came across S.E. Law Firm on the internet, I filled out a short form and moments later I received a call from Spencer himself!!!
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I was recently injured in an auto accident at work. Talk about a mess, when you are left with injuries and dealing with the insurance of the person that hit you and work comp. I was lost and found my self looking on line for a lawyer. When I first talked to Mr Farris it felt like a good fit for me. He honestly cared about my case and helped me with work comp. He has great connections. I settled my case and feel like I could not have done any better. Thanks Farris Law Firm.


Spencer and his staff are very professional, sharp, and courteous. They made me feel at ease the whole time. Always jus a phone call away to answer any questions I had. They did a very good job of keeping in touch with me to keep me updated and informed about what was going on. I was extremely happy with my experience with the S.E. Farris law firm. They are the only firm I will use to represent me in future.


S.E. Farris Law Firm provided me with quality and professional customer service. They kept me informed each step of the way and provided me with upfront information without me even asking. If I did have any questions or concerns, I could contact their office and received immediate responses whether by phone or e-mail.
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I went through a horrible accident and i had called around a few different attorneys that turned me away because at the time I had no insurance… I then came across Spencer’s law firm and was beyond grateful that they took on my case. The insurance companies for the other patties involved were being very difficult but Spencer and his team hung in there with me to get what we felt I deserved. I am forever grateful for what they have done for me.


After getting in my accident in October ’11 I was in need of a good lawyer. After a lot of research I came across the S.E. Farris Law Firm. Everyone in the firm was very friendly and knowledgeable about my case. Spencer and his secretaries were very in sink when it came to anything I needed.
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My family and I are really happy and grateful for S.E. Farris Law Firm. When my son was injured no one would take this case. I was told by various other law firms that since my son was on state health insurance (Medicaid) that the possible pay out wouldn’t amount to anything worth suing for. Luckily for me and my family, I don’t give up that easy.
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I was in a rear-end collision on June 5th, 2013. I had already suffered through neck and back issues but after a lot of PT was on my way to wellness…June 5th, thrown on board, put in ambulance, taken to ER…start from scratch.From advice of a neighbor, I called a lawyer right away. My pick was Spencer.
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Spencer Farris and his team of associates were very professional & compassionate ! He took care of us right away and eased our mind on the proceedings of our situation . We appreciate his ambition, knowledge and ‘ take care ‘ attitude. We would go to him in the future if ever needed ! Thank you also to Stephanie for your dedication and answers to our many inquiries!


I had a great experience working with S.E.Farris Law. I had searched for a great attorney n I found them. I was hurt at work n wasn’t being treated right. If you never get hurt at work n the company is not treating you well or focusing on getting you back to 100% .


I am very impressed the way SE Farris handled my Workmans comp case. From the day I first contacted the firm, I knew my choice of a Lawyer was going to be a perfect fit. Mr. Spencer put me at ease by seeing things from MY point of view.
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I called The Farris Law firm after an accident and they were kind and courteous the entire time, made you feel like family.I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney that cares about you. They will work hard for you and handle everything so you don’t have to.


I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Spencer and his staff was there for me throughout the whole process. They were always honest, trustworthy, and completely professional. They treat you like family, and will help you in any way they can. The day when it was finally over and I received my settlement, I finally started to relax. But was always confident that day would come because of Mr. Farris. Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family.


I was filing a workman’s compensation claim and did not know where to turn. I contacted The Farris Law Firm and was immediately connected to Mr. Farris. What a joy he was to deal with. He was sympathetic and personable and I feel he gave me great guidance without being pushy. His knowledge and professionalism went beyond what I expected. In the end he got me a fair settlement and for me the entire judicial process was painless. If I ever need a lawyer I will definitely be contacting his office.


Not only would I recommend this lawyer , I already have ! Spencer and his staff were dependable beyond my expectations . I was in a car accident and the insurance company completely blindsided me with the poor offer made towards my accident and medical bills . Fortunately, I was referred to the Farris Law Firm before I took the settlement and came out ahead with knowledgable assistance from Spencer and his amazing staff.


The S. E. Farris Law Firm helped me immensely! While attending a business conference several years ago in St. Louis, MO, I experienced an unfortunate incident. The uncertainty of the outcome of my injuries was troubling, to say the least. I needed legal assistance!
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I hired Spencer in June and our case was done by January. Any question I had, either Spencer or Stephanie was there for us. I would highly recommend Spencer.


I was very happy the the response time that SE Farris Applied to my case and getting it settled .I was comfortable and Confident in their abilities.


I have talked to several different Law Firm’s and by far Spencer Farris is the Best .I would highly recommend anyone who has a claim or just a question about a legal matter to call the Spencer Law Firm for answers . Very helpful and pleasant people too. They were able to achieve what Arron Sachs was not. I would choose this firm again.


Spencer Farris Law Firm was amazing! The staff was very professional, competent, and prompt to return my call and answer my questions. Spencer took a hands-on approach to my case and worked for the best possible resolution. I highly recommend the Spencer Farris Law Firm for any vehicle accident case


Hi Spencer! Where do i start except at the very beginning when i needed someone caring , someone with compassion for for the next person; someone who has love and respect for all! That would be u Mr. Spencer.
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I highly recommend Spencer Farris and his Law Firm to anyone that is looking for an experienced, trustworthy attorney. He is always available or will get back to you quickly. Very responsive. They were a comfort in a time of need for me and my family. I was kept well informed throughout my case, and felt comfortable with calling with any questions. The staff and lawyers at this firm are amazing. I thank them all for what they have done.


I have been in need of a lawyer a couple of times in my life and both times I went to Spencer. One was concerning a car accident where I was injured and the other was when I was injured on the job. Even though both were small cases, Spencer handled them with focus and dedication. We were able to settle both cases and for the injury case I was awarded a settlement. I would highly recommend Spencer to anyone.


The S.E. Farris Law Firm were very professional in dealing with my case. Any time I ever had any questions, or concerns, the office staff, as well as the attorneys were always extremely helpful. I highly recommend using this law firm!


Spencer Farris and his firm did an excellent job handling my personal injury case involving a fall. He and Amy were always pleasant and professional. I view my case as a “lower profile” type, but Spencer never made me feel that way. Because of his determination and experience, I received twice as much as the other company offered as settlement. Yes, I would use Spencer again if i ever needed a lawyer. I have already recommended him to my daughter who recently was injured in a car accident.


After my injury, I found Spencer to be a friend I could trust and count to fight for me. He was prepared to go to trial, but was able to settle so that we didn’t have to because he got the results I needed.


I was recommended to spencer from another attorney’s office, when i was told that my case could not be won, farris law got me the results i wanted, they were in contact as soon as they received updates, and always courteous and professional, i have no problem recommending farris law to anyone.


In today’s “you are only a number” society, it was a pleasant surprise to discover Mr. Farris really cares about his clients. We were always treated with the utmost respect & care by all people in the firm. No one wants to have to resort to an attorney, but I will be forever grateful that we found Mr. Farris. He helped make a nightmare situation a rapidly fading bad memory.