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10 Common Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, you probably enjoy the certain sense of freedom when riding. You want to enjoy the ride and get where you’re going safely. As you know, riding a motorcycle is more risky than driving an enclosed vehicle because they require more precise handling while offering less protection than a car or truck. Here are 10 of the most common reasons for motorcycle related injuries.

1.    Intersection Accidents: Riders or drivers who disregard traffic signals and right of way rules make intersections a dangerous place. A common intersection accident involves a motorist making a left turn who fails to yield to an oncoming motorcyclist going straight through the intersection. It is common for the other driver to say that they didn’t see the biker.

2.    Blind Spot Accidents: Motorcycles riding in a lane beside another vehicle may disappear in the blind spots. A driver who isn’t paying attention when changing lanes may strike a motorcycle in a blind spot or cause the motorcyclist to make an emergency maneuver to avoid a wreck. Commercial trucks have much larger blind spots in almost every direction of the truck.

3.    Distracted Driver Crashes: Distracted drivers are especially dangerous to motorcycle riders because the rider is more vulnerable to injury. This can be due to cell phone use, eating, drinking, or daydreaming.

4.    Failure to Yield Accidents: Drivers will sometimes ignore a yield sign, or they “think they can make it” before the oncoming traffic. This shortens a motorcyclist’s reaction time and those riding on two wheels need more time to take evasive maneuvers or even stop.

5.    Drunk Driving Accidents: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), alcohol plays a contributing factor in roughly 40 percent of all motorcycle accident fatalities.

6.    Excessive Speed Accidents: Speeding is a significant contributing factor to motorcycle accidents and injuries. Drivers or riders that are speeding will have less time to react to a sudden change in traffic conditions. High speed crashes are devastating to motorcycle riders.

7.    Failure to See a Motorcyclist Approaching: Drivers may be scanning the road for larger objects and may overlook an oncoming motorcycle because it is less noticeable than a car or truck.  A motorcyclist’s best defense is to wear high visibility clothing and always be vigilant to look out for other drivers- never assume that the other traffic sees you and will react correctly.

8.    Driving Too Fast for Road or Weather Conditions: There are plenty of weather and road conditions that make it dangerous for riders, including rain, snow, wind, gravel, uneven roads, leaves, and even cut grass that is blown on the road.

9.    Taking Curves Too Fast: Novice riders are more prone to take curves improperly by navigating an insufficient angle of approach to the curve or going faster than their machine can safely maneuver. This increases the risk of being injured in an accident. Whether you are riding alone or riding as part of a group, slow down for curves and give other riders plenty of space.

10.    Sharing Lanes: Sharing lanes is dangerous, particularly if the other traffic has to swerve to avoid an obstacle. Do not ride side by side with other motorcycles; it is better to ride in a staggered formation. Missouri does not prohibit lane splitting with cars and trucks, but it is a risky maneuver regardless.

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