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Oct 29, 2012

I hired Spencer to handle a dog bite case that brought injury to myself and my beloved dog. You would expect one could take out a dog on a leisurely and uneventful walk around what one has always known to be a safe neighborhood on a holiday weekend but in this case not so. Getting surprise attacked as I and my dog were, in this case by a neighbor’s tethered pitbull gone loose, was a terrifying experience. Trying to defend myself and save my dog’s life in the moment was excruciatingly painful and traumatic. The post traumatic stress we now endure is real. I think what I appreciated most about my experience with Spencer and his staff is their compassionate understanding of my situation. He and his assistant, and especially his assistant, took me seriously and understood my pain and frustration in this matter. I never felt like my claim for reimbursement/compensation for my physical and emotional injuries was frivolous or not worth their time. They really cared about me and did not stop pursuing my claim when initial calls and letters for reimbursement of hospital expenses by the attacking dog’s owner were repeatedly ignored. I had no idea my neighbor would not be good for his word and as promised, reimburse me for my out of pocket costs! After repeated civil attempts by Spencer and his staff to engage with my neighbor failed, Spencer and his staff initiated suit. He moved my case swiftly and skillfully along. The compensation I recieved was just and reasonable and hopefully makes the dog owner more attentive and responsible for the sake of all other passersby in the future. I thank Spencer and his staff kindly for their assistance on this matter but more so for the respect and compassion shown me throughout the process. I have known Spencer for a number of years and he is an honest man of high integrity and skill and I would recommend him to you for any personal injury matter large or small.

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