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Aaron Serini

My Name is Aaron. On August 28th 2010, I had a horrible motorcycle accident. I was flown to St. Louis by helicopter. I nearly lost my leg and had other fractures that laid me up for 10 months.. I am a Paramedic by trade and Spencer was recommended by a fellow paramedic.

When I met with him, I immediately knew he was the right Lawyer. He told me of the percentage’s that he would take and told me ” if I settle this fast, I will return some of the retainer. If I didn’t put many hours in, then I didn’t earn it.” I thought, wow a Lawyer who said he would give back! True to his word, that is exactly what happened!

He was a Bulldog with the insurance company that only wanted to give me 4000 for a Harley with 10k chrome. Needless to say, I got back all but $1000 less than what I paid for it. Even after owning the bike for 2 years.

Spencer and his staff are the most down to earth people. They were kind and very compassionate, and always made me feel welcome in their office.

To this day, I receive a birthday card and Christmas card every year from them. If ever I should need a personal injury Lawyer, you can bet I’ll be calling Spencer.
Aaron Serini, CCEMT-P