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Another Digoxin Recall

As Medication Solutions, LLC announced that Digoxin, prescribed for patients suffering from heart failure or abnormal heart rhythms, showed up in different sizes which had a bearing on the dose. The variations in the sizes of the medications could create problems in either too little a dose or too much. Digoxin is a generic version of Digitek, and is marketed by Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

The Digoxin packaged by AS Medication Solutions includes all tablets that are USP 0.25 mg and were distributed before March 31, 2009 with an expiration date up to and including August, 2011. The drug is sold in scored white tablets, imprinted with the number 441 and an NDC number 54569-5758-0.

Patients taking Digoxin of a higher than proper dose can suffer from digoxic toxicity- especially in patients with kidney problems. Side effects of digoxin toxicity include low blood pressure,cardiac instability, bradycardia, and vomiting. Digoxin toxicity is very serious and can result in death.

On the other hand, a low dosage will not deliver the appropriate medication level and therefore the patient will not receive the benefit of the drug.

If you have taken or are still taking Digoxin as a treatment for heart problems, check your packaging. Because the product does not expire until 8/2011, you could very well have recalled medications in your possession. The FDA warns against taking this product- either return it to the company for reimbursement or speak with your physician about an alternative form of medication.