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Buyers Beware: Fake Reviews Lead to Real Disappointment

Sharing opinions, thoughts, pictures, ideas, and reviews are almost second nature thanks to the advancements in technology and social media. Advertisements are becoming less effective because Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other rating services have become our trusted source for how reliable a business is, just as Amazon reviews are our trusted source for products.

Are we placing too much trust in these reviews? Amazon employs third-party companies to catch and expose fake reviews. These reviews come from people that are being paid to give positive feedback for products, but the same happens for companies on Google, Yelp, AVVO, and Facebook. The difference? Companies are less likely to try and remove a review if it’s positive and a high rating, even if it’s false, or worse, the company or its employees are the ones supplementing the reviews.

The review policies that Google and others use have made it nearly impossible to get reviews removed unless they violate a specific standard. Unfortunately, those standards don’t include false reviews, or people who haven’t used a business’ services.

It’s easy to find a business with tons of reviews and a perfect rating. It takes some digging to determine if the reviews are from real customers and clients. Before believing the all-knowing star system, read through the reviews. The old saying “there’s no pleasing everyone” should ring through your head; almost every business has disappointed clients that will leave negative reviews. How do you know if they are faking it? Be on the lookout for reviews that use the same word choice when describing the business, promote something that the business doesn’t do, or a lot of perfect reviews with no comments.

Everybody wants the “best,” especially professionals and service companies like personal injury attorneys. Reviews are helpful, but be cautious, read the reviews, and research the attorney. Look for third-party websites that offer independent rating and more comprehensive reviews, like Avvo.

Look for reliable indicators of a good attorney; their experience, credentials, skills, and dedication are all important to picking the right attorney. Use the free legal consultation that personal injury attorneys offer as a way to get to know your attorney and decide for yourself if the reviews are accurate.

No two cases are identical so past performances do not guarantee future results; the outcome of your case depends on the details of your accident and your injuries. Selecting an attorney based only on reviews, especially if they are faked or misleading, can lead to your case being mishandled, and ultimately, your disappointment.

Of course, here at The S.E. Law Firm, we are proud of our reviews and good ratings. They are a reflection of our diligent work to make sure our clients are shown care and compassion, and that they receive proper compensation. Our goal is to be able to ask a client for a good review at the end of the case. If you’ve been in an accident, we will treat your case with the same thoroughness and concern. To reach us, call 314-A-LAWYER (314-252-9937) 24-hours a day or send us a message.