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Case Feature:

Liability Insurance (2 of 2)

Case Feature: Liability Insurance (2 of 2)

When you get hurt in a car crash, the other driver’s liability coverage is often the maximum amount that is available for your injuries. Given that the minimum liability coverage in Missouri is $25,000, we often face cases where there isn’t enough coverage to begin to repay my clients’ damages. The reason I advise everyone to buy underinsured motorist coverage.

When you buy liability insurance to cover a risk, your insurance company has an obligation to attempt to settle claims against you within your policy limits. If they don’t settle within the policy limit and a jury awards a verdict that is more than your insurance coverage, you are responsible to pay what insurance does not. If the insurance company has an opportunity to settle within policy limits and refuses in an attempt to save their money they are gambling with your assets, and they may be acting in bad faith. In a recent case, the insurance company gambled and lost, paying my client a lot more than the policy limit.

This case was referred to me by an out-of-state lawyer. My client was severely injured by a drunk driver who had a $100,000 liability policy. Even though my client’s medical bills were over $100,000, the claims adjuster offered just $47,000 to settle the case!

When we got involved, we immediately filed a lawsuit.  We investigated the other driver and found that he had multiple drunk driving convictions. After we showed them the full extent of my client’s injuries and prepared the case for trial, the insurance company realized their gamble was a horrible bet. They ultimately settled for $150,000 – ($50,000 more than the insurance policy limits).

There is never enough money for a victim after a car crash. My law firm is committed to fighting hard for every client that chooses us and exploring every opportunity to make things right for them. If you’ve been injured and the insurance company is giving you the runaround, come around to The S.E. Farris Law Firm, and we’ll fight for every dollar that’s owed you.