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Dangerous Road Conditions & What You Need to Know

Dangerous Road Conditions & What You Need to Know

Accidents happen – more specifically, auto accidents happen. With so many cars on the road, it’s almost inevitable that many and more will, at some point, start bumping into things. But what if it’s the road that causes the accident and not the cars on it? Dangerous road conditions contribute to a significant number of accidents every year, injuring even the most responsible drivers. There are a couple things you should know about dangerous roads – what makes a road dangerous and what to do if you’ve been hurt while driving on one.

Contributing Factors

A road can be dangerous to drivers if it is poorly designed, badly constructed, improperly maintained, or lacks warning signs and barriers. Conditions like these can make it hard to safely navigate your vehicle.

Poorly designed roads can include:

  • Dangerous curves, steep slopes, and sudden dips in the road’s layout without adequate warning
  • Visibility-obstructing objects at intersections and crosswalks
  • Drop-offs, like ravines or cliffs, without safety guards
  • Entrance or exit ramps that are too short, or don’t allow enough room to merge
  • Broken or missing guardrails, especially in construction zones
  • Pavement with insufficient skid resistance (slippery pavement)
  • Narrow shoulders or shoulders that aren’t visibly distinct from the road
  • Poorly placed or missing highway traffic signals and signs
  • Improper drainage that results in water collecting
  • Parking policies that limit visibility at intersections
  • Missing, defective, or inadequate warning signs for hazards

Badly constructed roads can deteriorate rapidly and cause unsafe driving conditions. If road workers failed to follow approved plans accurately, used substandard materials, or were not skilled enough to do the job correctly, it can result in a dangerous road.

Without proper maintenance or upkeep, even a safe road can become dangerous. Some outcomes of neglectful maintenance include:

  • Surface cracks and potholes
  • Broken or deteriorated guardrails
  • Eroded or faded paint markings
  • Missing or broken traffic control devices

Roads can become dangerous over time if they change physically, like sinking or caving in, or if their use patterns by vehicles or pedestrians are altered. Either way, a road’s inability to adapt to change can cause repeated patterns of accidents.

What to do if a dangerous road causes your accident

Dangerous Road Accident Lawyer, St. Louis, MO

If you are injured because of dangerous road conditions, contact a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling similar accidents. These cases require a lot of investigation of the road itself, and the road’s history with other accidents. A qualified attorney will fight for you, and also fight to have the dangerous road changed so that other drivers are safer.

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