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Hypocrites of Tort Reform- Mike Christian, (R) Oklahoma

There is nothing more disgusting than a hypocrite. And when the culprit is from my home state of Oklahoma, it is doubly sickening to me.

Mike Christian is a republican legislator for Oklahoma. Like many Republicans, he hates trial lawyers and is willing to punish injury victims in order to take a swipe at their lawyers. He voted this past year to limit damages to injured victims and made it harder for injury victims to find lawyers by limiting the ability to contract with a lawyer

But when Mr. Christian was injured driving to work- an area excluded from coverage for most Oklahomans- he filed a workers compensation claim. And when he got an award of over $61,000, he appealed the award to ask for more money!

Shameful. But as we learned long ago, nothing shames a hypocrite. Hopefully, Oklahoma voters are paying attention.