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I-270 in St. Louis Among Worst Traffic Jams in the Nation


We are number 45! According to a blog in the Daily Beast listing the 75 worst congested areas in the country, Highway 270 ranks 45th among time wasters. Traffic jams are the constant source of stop and start traffic, and many car crashes result when a distracted driver miscalculates the ebbs and flows.
Here is what they had to say about St. Louis:
#45, I-270, St. Louis
Weekly hours of bottleneck congestion: 89
Worst bottleneck: Southbound, Dougherty Ferry Rd/Exit 8
Length of worst bottleneck: 1.26 mi
Weekly hours of congestion on worst bottleneck: 15
Speed of worst bottleneck when congested: 24.5 mph
Commuter Buzz: “Replacement of the current design with the diverging diamond interchange will not only improve the flow of traffic along the 270-70 corridor, but it will also be a national example of innovation in highway safety and design,” Maryland Heights Councilwoman Mary Nichols told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Be careful on the highways!