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In Case of Accident Break Glass: What You Should Have in Your Car

Is there ever a morning where you wake up expecting your car to break down that day? What about getting into an accident? Probably not, but are you prepared for the possibility of that happening? Here is a list of items that will be helpful in the event of such a misfortune. While some of the items on the list may seem dated, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

First-aid kit: You can get a pre-made first-aid kit at supermarkets and pharmacies. If you don’t want to buy one, make your own, including bandages and band-aids, antiseptic spray, and pain medication. For a full list, here’s a Red Cross recommended list of items for all first aid kits.

Maps: You may be asking. What is this, and why is it on this list? This is a worst-case scenario item. It takes up virtually no room and can fit anywhere in your car. If your phone is dead and you don’t have another GPS system or if GPS is unavailable, you’ll be happy you took the precaution.

Toolkit/roadside kit: A basic maintenance kit can include a spare tire, a can of fix-a-flat, jumper cables, duct tape, a jack, and a wrench. It wouldn’t hurt to have a pair of heavy-duty gloves and your vehicle’s manual either.

Pen and paper: The capability to quickly jot down notes, exchange information, or write down an address is extremely useful.

A camera: Again, this is useful in case your phone has died or is damaged. If you get into an accident, a picture is worth 1,000 words, so it helps to be prepared.

Portable battery charger: You forgot to plug in your phone the night before, and now you’re in an accident. Having a portable battery charger can be a lifesaver, literally. If you’re stranded on the side of the road, you won’t have to worry about your phone dying while waiting for help. Set up a recurring reminder or write it on your calendar to regularly check the charger’s battery level to make sure it’s full.

Water/MREs: Staying nourished and hydrated can make a huge difference in how you perceive a situation. In the event that you’re stuck and won’t be getting help for a while, having fresh water and a meal ready-to-eat (MRE) can keep you positive and motivated. While they have a long shelf life, check the expiration date regularly.

A towel: You can use a towel for a few different things. The first would be for cleaning up a mess or yourself. Alternatively, if you’re stranded, it could be used as a blanket or a pillow.

A change of clothes: It’s always a good idea to have a spare set of clothes in your car. If you get caught in a rain storm, you’ll be overjoyed to have dry clothes to switch into.

Some of these items may have you laughing because technology has come so far, but think of all the moments when technology lets you down. Now, combine those moments with getting stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, or getting in an accident. You can leave most of these in the trunk of your car and forget they are there until you need them.

As an extra precaution, you can download our Appcident app. In the event that you’ve been in an accident, and don’t have the pen and paper, the app has everything you need to properly record the details of the accident and more.

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