Fake Watchdog Groups & Lawsuit Abuse
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It is only Lawsuit Abuse when Injury Victims Sue, Right?

This blog isn’t really about personal injury law. It is, however, another poke in the eye of fake watchdog groups whose only REAL intention is to protect corporate profits at the expense of individual rights.

When it comes to calling a hypocrite a hypocrite, few do it better than Jim Hightower. Seems the “watchdog” group Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) are asleep at the switch. Or more likely, out kicking puppies.

Hansen Beverage, maker of Monster energy drinks, is suing a tiny Vermont brewer for its Vermonster beer brand. Evidently, we consumers are too stupid to realize that Vermonster Beer is not an energy drink!

But more importantly, why is Philip Morris funded Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse not incensed? Outraged? Nope. Nothing.

Consumer outrage did bring Hansen’s suit to a screeching halt. In fact, Rock Art Brewery is asking folks to stop bugging Hansen. CALA is way ahead of the curve- they never started! It is only lawsuit abuse when a BIG company is sued, after all.