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More Attacks on Your Rights!

They are at it again! Those hypocrites over at the U.S. Chamber(pot) of Commerce want to take away your right to sue for damages- even though their members file hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits every year!

This time, it is a public relations ploy, showing anti-lawsuit ads before movies in theaters across the country. Although they spend more money lobbying Congress than any group, the Chamberpot is not satisfied with directly affecting the taxpayers through unfair legislation.

Now they have launched a campaign to take away the rights of injury victims by poisoning the jury pool. These ads are set out to convince jurors that injury victims shouldn’t be able to recover damages. Read more about the ads here.

No question that this will harm injury victims- jurors will be convinced that lawsuits are unfair, and award less damages. Which means that taxpayers get to pay for the costs of negligence instead of the wrongdoer.

When injury victims who don’t receive fair compensation from wrongdoers, they will turn to public services like Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs to help them get by.

Bottom line? Insurance companies and corporate wrongdoers pay less, while taxpayers foot the bill for damages!

Only in America.