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St. Louis Lawyer Gets Injured Worker $460K Works Comp Settlement

B. Michael Korte of The Farris Korte Law recently obtained over $460,000 in benefits for a client involved in a workers’ comp injury claim.

The victim injured his neck working in a factory in southeast Missouri in 2009. After disk surgery, the worker returned to his job for awhile, until it was obvious that the surgery had failed. The worker eventually underwent cervical fusion surgery, and never returned to work. Even though the workers comp client had previously undergone two prior surgeries on one shoulder and another surgery on the other, Korte successfully proved that the liability for the workers’ inability to return to work was entirely with his employer.

The factory eventually agreed to pay the worker $460,000.00 to settle his claim. In addition to that payment, the employer agreed to provide medical care to the worker for any future treatment needed for his neck condition, either by providing a doctor and whatever other treatment is necessary, or by paying additional amounts into a separate bank account for the worker’s medical needs.

“I am proud to have been able to help this workers compensation client,” said Korte. “It was not an easy case, and was fought hard by the employer. Our client’s original return to work and his previous shoulder surgeries were challenges we faced and overcame in order to get the result we did. I’m glad we found a way to get our client what he deserved and so badly needed.”

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