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Good morning Spencer,
As usual excellent CSR client services hitting it on the mark again, Spencer!! It’s reputable of taken safety precaution and I’m very sure you were ahead on the plan of attack in this viral warfare!
My prayers are with your family, work family, entire business associate in their respectful places Spencer!
I thank you for all that has been done with my current case filed there.
These are unusual times and circumstances that we are facing.
YOUR preparedness to fight the by preventing measure let’s me know personally that you’ll all safe from the spread of viral harm! It would be selfish of to not respond and tell-I really do care about this Law firm!!!
Thank you for your decision to protect your family and other’s by this process which will still provide for their families Spencer!
I believe you went to bed thinking about so much of you responsibility as a husband, father, employer, lawyer, and etc. I don’t even though you’re married or if you have children but you should..loll With your process that presented on how to protect yourselves and others it must be heavy!
My email is to let you know I admire your decision and appreciate the sacrifices you have taken!!
You have touched me in my spirit as well as my soul!!
So, I want to say thank you and your family it has gotten real! I’m confident we’ll get through this!
You all are the only Law firm that I’m a client with that has emailed me with info of operations or etc.

But, I woke thinking I need to call Spencer..really I did you know me! πŸ˜‚
I can’t tell you how spiritually grateful I am right now! πŸ˜‚ I appreciate it deeply and these ways you stand out by far!!

PS: I pray to God that you like Prince because “I Adore You!!”
Thanks to all and my prayers are with you all! πŸ•Š