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Tis the Season… For Unsafe Toys

While you are filling stockings and wish lists this holiday season, make sure you are an educated consumer! The Consumer Product Safety Commission ( has recalled over 50 toys this year. My favorites? How about the Toy Army figures with Lead Based Paint on their faces? ( These little guys stage play battles in soldierville while making real kids sick!

Or the doll clothing (, also full of lead based paint. Hello, Toy Manufacturers? Hi. Lead based paint is BAD FOR CHILDREN! Sure, we have known this for about fifty years, but why stop exposing kids to it, right?

Perhaps my favorite though, is the MagnaMan Magnet figures. ( Besides being made of tiny parts that little kids can and will swallow, the magnets are so strong that if a child swallows two or more, they will link up and block colons and so on.

We can’t count on retailers or the government to keep unsafe toys off the market. Keep your kids safe- be an educated shopper this season.