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Unfair Insurance Claim Denials on the Rise

Unfair Insurance Claim Denials on the Rise

You buy insurance to protect you from the unexpected. Medical insurance companies work aggressively to cut costs, and denying claims (even valid ones) is an easy way to keep their costs low. Emergency room visits are among the most expensive types of claims and should be reserved for emergencies—this isn’t always possible, however.

An insurance policy is a contract, and their promises to pay claims are just as enforceable as your promise to pay premiums. No one needs a lawyer to pay their premiums, and you shouldn’t need one when you make a claim, either.

Unfortunately, unfair claims denials are on the rise and it often takes an experienced professional to make the insurance company keep their word. Missouri law allows a victim of unfair claim denial, called vexatious refusal, to recover their attorney fees and penalties if the insurance company refusal isn’t just negligent but a purposeful attempt to avoid a bill.

Our firm has helped victims of vexatious refusal make the insurance company keep their promise. Contact us today for a free strategy session.

One Kentucky woman now faces a $12,000 medical bill that she thought would be covered by her insurer. Read more about how health insurance company Anthem is failing to protect its customers from crippling medical debt by unjustly denying claims.

Read the articleAn ER visit, a $12,000 bill — and a health insurer that wouldn’t pay

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