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You Aren’t in “Good Hands” or with “Good Neighbors” When you have an Injury Claim.

It is no secret that insurance companies are not interested in paying injury victims. When you get hurt, they begin to refer to you by a “claim number” or “file number” rather than your name. This is part of the strategy to dehumanize the victim, making it easier for claims adjusters to sleep at night when they deny a claim.

To be fair, not all insurance companies treat victims unfairly. Check out the Ten Worst Insurance Companies, as rated by The American Association for Justice (AAJ). The AAJ went through FBI, SEC and state insurance department records in compiling their list.

The Ten Worst Insurance Companies

1. Allstate
2. Unum
3. AIG
4. State Farm
5. Conseco
6. WellPoint
7. Farmers
8. UnitedHealth
9. Torchmark
10. Liberty Mutual

My personal experience would add a couple of others to the list, mainly because Conseco, UNUM and Torchmark don’t write much insurance business in Missouri. If you get hurt in an accident and see these guys on the other side, Call a Lawyer!

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