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Case Feature: Single Car Accident and an Insurance Runaround Nightmare

Due to the confidentiality of the settlement, the client’s name and settlement amount are not listed.

Our client was driving home from work, and swerved to miss a deer on the road. Unfortunately, our client had overcorrected and went off the road, flipping the car.

He went to the hospital to get medical attention. Fortunately, none of the injuries sustained were permanent, but the medical bills totaled over $25,000.

Health insurance denied coverage and claimed it was a non-covered alcohol-related accident – even though the responding highway patrol officer did not mention alcohol in the report, and the blood alcohol content was negligible. The health insurance company gave our client the runaround for two years.

Our client didn’t need an attorney to pay their premiums on time and they didn’t want to hire one to force the insurance company to keep their end of the deal. However, the family finally got fed up with the insurance company’s games and hired us. Within six months, we had filed a lawsuit and held the insurance company responsible.

This story is one of many examples of insurance companies that look for any reason to deny claims. These delays are common, and no accident- if they wait long enough the insured will give up or die. While the ploy may only be successful 1-2% of the time, multiplied over thousands of claims means the company saves millions of dollars. All the while, the victim dealing with their injuries and facing mounting medical expenses, denied treatment and damaged credit ratings.

The S.E. Farris Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience dealing with insurance companies, and we won’t let them play their games with our clients. We will fight for our clients to ensure that they receive fair treatment. When dealing with health insurers, that means getting the benefit of the bargain they paid for. If you’ve been injured in an accident, or if you think the insurance company is unjustly giving you a run around, contact us. We offer FREE consultations to discuss the legitimacy of your claim. You can contact us on our website or by phone at 314-252-9937.

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