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Traumatic Brain Injuries: Information That You Need to Know

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur when you receive damage to your brain from an external force. An example would be when there is sudden speeding up and slowing down, such as in a car crash or fall, your brain can move around violently inside the skull, resulting in injury; this is known as a closed trauma. There are also penetrating injuries, which is when a foreign object pierces your skull and injures your brain. Some TBIs can be mild with no apparent symptoms at first, while others show overwhelming symptoms that leave little room for mistaking the injury. There is a chance that a TBI can knock you unconscious, but it doesn’t always happen.

A traumatic brain injury can be classified as mild, moderate, severe, or penetrating. No matter the severity of the injury, you should get medical attention, they are all serious. Here are the different types of TBIs:


Concussions are also called mild brain injuries. “Mild,” however, can be a misleading description because concussions can cause, or lead to, more serious symptoms.

You can get a concussion from a car accident, slip and fall, or even on the job. If you suffer a concussion, you should be back to normal within a few months, but depending on the severity, it can have long-term effects.

It’s important for you to get concussions treated because, while rare, there is a risk of second impact syndrome. This would occur if you sustained another head injury before you’ve fully recovered from your concussion.

Cerebral Contusion and Intercranial Hematoma

Cerebral contusions are also known as “brain bruising” and occur when there is bleeding on the surface of the brain. Like other closed trauma brain injuries, a cerebral contusion is caused by your brain violently hitting off your skull.

This can quickly turn into a intercranial hematoma if the pressure on the brain continues or the blood forms into a clot. If symptoms continue to progress, you may need surgery to remove the contusion.

Penetrating Brain Injuries

Penetrating injuries can occur at high velocity, like a bullet or shrapnel from a car accident, or low velocity, like your head jamming into a sharp object. Any penetrating brain injury is extremely serious.

The symptoms of a penetrating brain injury can vary depending on what caused it and its severity, but direct damage to the brain almost always causes lasting effects. You can end up experiencing heavy bleeding in the brain, or possibly longer lasting effects like epilepsy or paralysis. A penetrating brain injury may affect victims from months to years.

While some of these are more serious than others, you should always get medical attention. After that find an experienced personal injury attorney who can properly handle your case.

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