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Lawsuit Caps Don’t Save Lives: A Doctor Speaks

Evidently, the entire medical community hasn’t bought the company line and drunk the Kool Aid- a doctor published on Salon Magazine had this to say about Malpractice lawsuit Caps:

“Tort reformers neglect the fact that malpractice reform won’t save one extra life. To make that difference, insurers, doctors and their lobbyists like the AMA need to find ways to improve patient safety. So for those who push tort reform as a panacea for a sick healthcare system, working to prevent injuries is a much more noble pursuit than writing up baseless arguments for the back pages of a newspaper.”

Dr. Parikh is a columnist and more importantly, practicing M.D., hits the nail on the head- the notion of a flood of frivolous lawsuits is mythical. Doctors usually require research to be convinced of a point, but when the insurance companies and Chamberpot of Commerce screams “too many lawsuits,” they are quick to pound the drum as well. Kudos to brave doctors like Parikh who actually look to facts, instead of practicing voodoo.